The Coven and training group (Outer Grove) are based in Auckland, New Zealand. The Outer-Grove group meets Monthly for training classes, which include various topics relevant to Wicca, Magic and Folklore.  Our outer-grove training is a structured system of individual learning and training, that incorporates comprehensive monthly printed lessons to help direct study, reading, and practice. Students will also often meet on alternate fortnights with a Mentor for instruction. Needless to say the real learning that happens is experiential and spiritual and not solely intellectual, however as participation in coven rituals and ceremonies is not possible at the earlier stages it is beneficial to have a good grounding and understanding of the Craft - historically, theoretically, and practically to prepare for future participation in a working group.

As the student progresses in their understanding of the basics used in rituals, the coven may invite their participation in Seasonal Celebrations. At this point it would be possible to undergo a dedication ceremony into the outer-court of the Coven which allows the student to attend the Lesser seasonal Sabbats (4 times a year). Initiation into Wicca and the Coven is not open to all and in normal cases a period of a 'year and a day' must have passed before this can be considered. Initiation is never offered but must be asked for by the applicant. Once initiated, coven members are expected to attend the full moon 'Esbat' rites and Greater Sabbats, in addition to the Lesser Sabbats. After initiation further initiates based training may begin.

Prospective students need to be aware that training requires significant dedication, commitment, and diligence. All students come to training with a different range of experience and will thus be supported to develop their knowledge and skill, however whilst coven leaders are there as a guide, students are expected to take an active role in their own learning and development. 



The following curriculum of training is for use in the preparation of candidates for initiation into the mysteries of Wicca and magic as practiced within our tradition. Training evenings usually start with a basic ritual blessing (candles, incense, grounding and centering etc) and end with a guided pathworking or meditation.

Aspirants working towards initiation may attend fortnightly training sessions on subjects which are important for progression on the path. This may seem daunting to a seeker, but rest assured you will learn gradually with support over time.

The following fortnightly lessons are to be completed prior to the dedication ceremony:

Lesson 1: Introductions & Overview of Training
Lesson 2: Ancient Pagan Origins
Lesson 3: History of Modern Wicca & Druidry
Lesson 4: Meditation & Visualization
Lesson 5: The Old Gods of Wicca
Lesson 6: Personal Practice I
Lesson 7: Personal Practice II
Lesson 8: Working with the Elements
Lesson 9: The Wheel of the Year
Lesson 10: Preparation for Dedication


Recommended Reading: 

1) What Witches Do, by Stewart Farrar, 

2) A Complete Guide: Witchcraft, by Theresa Moorey, 

3) A Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic or Natural Witchcraft by Marian Green, 

4) Circle of Fire: The Symbolism and Practices of Wiccan Ritual, by Sorita D'Este & David Rankine,  


Dedication Ceremony: 

 To be performed on the evening of a Sabbat. On completion the Neophyte may attend any of the lesser Sabbats (solstices and equinoxes) and continue to study the following lessons in preparation for the First Degree initiation. Following dedication trainings will be a combination of both theory and practice.


The following monthly lessons are to be completed prior to the first degree initiation:
Lesson 10: Cunning Craft, Tree lore and Herblore* 
Lesson 11:  Oracles and Divination: Tarot, Runes, Ogham, Skrying*
Lesson 12: Astrology & Correspondences for Magic*
Lesson 13: Spellwork: Earth Magic, Candle magic, Cord magic, Poppets etc
Lesson 14: Moon Magic & Lunar Mysteries
Lesson 15: The Working Tools and their uses
Lesson 16:  Healing Techniques and Methods
Lesson 17: Preparation for Initiation

* Note: Some lessons may be conducted over a number of trainings given the amount of material to be covered


Recommended Reading: 

1) Eight Sabbats for Witches, & The Witches' Way Janet & Stewart Farrar - combined into one volume as A Witches Bible, 

2) Wicca: The Old Religion in the New Millennium, by Vivienne Crowley, and 

3)  Natural Magic and/or ABC of Witchcraft Past & Present, by Doreen Valiente.

Also one of the following Fictional works (or other suitable title):

1. High Magic's Aid, Gerald B. Gardner
2. The Sea Priestess or Moon Magic, Dion Fortune
3. Mists of Avalon, Forest House or Lady of Avalon, Marion Zimmer-Bradley


Pre-initiates (dedicants) will be initiated when  ready and this process will be reviewed in detail with them by the High Priest / High Priestess of the coven. Once the Neophyte has completed their 1st degree initiation they are a full member of the Coven and a Priest or Priestess of the Craft. The initiate is now eligible to take part fully in coven activities and meetings except council meetings which are for Elders only. The participation includes continuing with the monthly trainings and Sabbats but also includes the Full Moon Esbats, which are restricted to initiates.

With time and dedication initiates may also progress through the Second and Third degrees.


Recommended Reading: Other books by Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, Patricia Crowther, Vivienne Crowley, Raymond Buckland, Janet & Stewart Farrar, Sorita D'Este, Phillip Hesselton.

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