What is Wicca? - by Vivienne and Chris Crowley

The History of Wicca: 1939 to present (PDF) - by Julia Phillips (used with permission)

Gerald Gardner: History and Articles - from The Wica website

Eleanor 'Ray' Bone: High Priestess

The Old Ways in New Times - by Cian MacFhiarais

Venus Figurines in Prehistoric Europe - by Cian MacFhiarais

Summer Solstice at Avalon - by Paul Mountfort

Beth & Berkana: Birth and Birch in Celtic and Norse Traditions - by Paul Mountfort

The Goddess Arrives: The Novels of Dion Fortune and the development of Gardnerian Wicca

Interview with Maxine Sanders

Simon Goodman: Magister - A memorium

Witchcraft Today - by Gerald Gardner (non fiction)

The Meaning of Witchcraft - by Gerald Gardner (second non-fictional work)

High Magic's Aid - by Gerald Gardner (a fictional work)

Gerald Gardner: Witch - Gardner biography attributed to Jack Braelin but written by Idries Shah

Witchcraft in Western Europe - by Dr. Margaret Murray

God of the Witches - by Dr. Margaret Murray

Aradia: Gospel of the Witches - by Charles Leland (1890)

The Golden Bough - by Sir James George Frazer

The Magus - Francis Barrett

 Trials of the Moon: Reopening the case for Historical Witchcraft - by Ben Whitmore  (we would also suggest purchasing this excellent book and supporting the author who has generously made most of it available free online.) Order it here!


Video: The Power of the Witch (Documentary 1971)

Video: Witchcraft Yesterday & Tomorrow (Raymond Buckland)

Lady of the Earth - a collection of articles & resources on many topics

A Modern Herbal - online version of the book of the same name

Culpeper's Complete Herbal - medicinal and occult properties of plants

Earth Witchery - a great resource for ideas for celebrating the Sabbats, including food, ritual crafts, correspondences etc

The Witches Sabbats - a website by Mike Nichols


The Hermetic Library - a large collection of occult and esoteric writings, articles, and books.

Sacred Texts - an online library of books (with expired copyright) and articles on a range of spiritual topics. Sections on Neopaganism/Wicca, Occult/Esoteric, Celtic Mythology, and Astrology are particullary worth a look.



Temple of the Old Ways makes every effort to ensure that these links are kept up to date. However if you notice that any are not working or would like to suggest another please feel free to contact us at oldways@slingshot.co.nz

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